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Flor in Atlanta at The Masquerade with Lostboycrow and Joan

Written By | Jade Yi

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Flor is a rising American indie band formed back in 2014 in Oregon. The band that consists of four members are spreading their blend of indie pop and synth pop across the states. Lead vocalist Zach Grace, guitarist McKinley Kitts, bassist Dylan Cauld and drummer Kyle Hill all come together to create a hooky sound in the venue at the Masquerade that gets everyone swaying side to side or jumping up and down! Hell at The Masquerade is a smaller venue compared to Phillips Arena, but the distance between the stage and the audience made the event very intimate and easy for the crowd and performers to interact with each other! The venue was not only filled with the bands amazing music, but also the voices of the crowd, as everyone was able to sing along to each and every song that each band was playing that night!

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The opener, Lostboycrow started the night with high energy and positive vibes! His dreamy, and atmospheric voice just spread through the crowd as everyone was vibing along with him for his 30min set. The interaction that Lostboycrow had with his audience was amazing. Even at the end of his set, you see him giving away his guitar pick and set list to his fans in the crowd! With the mix of R&B, pop, and electronic music, the audiences’ ears were definitely lightened and got the audience antsy for the rest of the show.

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 As the crew strikes the set after Lostboycrow, the audience is anticipating for the next band to come on. A crew member then takes a cloth off a certain board and there it is, a sign for Joan. Joan was next in line to perform for the night. Alan Thomas and Steven Rutherford from Arkansa made their musical debut in 2017 with their single “Take Me On.” The duo’s mellow pop brings a euphoric, sweet-sounding vibe to The Masquerade and everyone was just vibing along the whole set!

It was finally time for Flor to start their set. As the crew was rearranging the whole stage, one could feel the excitement and urgency that the audience was feeling. Fans were screaming and jumping up and down excited for Flor to finally perform. The energy that fans were emitting once Flor came on stage was so full. You are able to feel the love that these fans have for these guys and it is an amazing feeling. The upbeat tempo of the opening song “Slow motion” sets an exciting tone for the rest of the set! You can definitely tell that the audience were true fans as they were able to sing along to every song that the band was playing.

Flor occasionally would stop in between songs to interact with the crowd.  An audience members screams something to the Flor members, which got a conversation of birthdays going between the audience and the band. He then asks the audience if there is anybody in the crowd in which their birthday was today – the night they were performing- and then continues to wish them a happy birthday. This kind of interaction would not have been possible if it was not for the venue. The Hell at The Masquerade was the perfect place for all the bands to come together this night and have an intimate concert with their fans. Lostboycrow, Joan, and Flor were an amazing group of performers to see in one night where all of their songs and style flowed so well together. Of course each band is different, but the flow of the night was incredible and exciting to experience!

Photo Credit: Jade Yi 



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