Flying Lotus in Toronto at The Danforth Music Hall

Written By | Gabriel Di Sante

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Flying Lotus has announced his sixth album, called ‘Flamagra’ with a massive 3D north america tour few months ago.

Flamagra is the sixth studio album by American record producer Flying Lotus. It was released on May 24, 2019, by Warp Records. It is his first album since 2014’s You’re Dead!.

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On August 25th at The Danforth Music Hall Toronto, the audience had the opportunity to enjoy the blow mind 3D performance by the the artist— also known as Steven Ellison.

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He has promised new 3D visuals and a totally different experience for the show, that is why, this was the first time that I found myself at one of Flying Lotus’s recent 3D sets, I can just say this is an experience not to be missed.

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If you show up to a Flying Lotus concert and you are  expecting to watch a guy standing behind a laptop all night, of course you have never seen Flying Lotus live.

The Grammy-nominated electronic music producer and trusted industry tastemaker with his Brainfeeder record label, Steven Ellison has become almost as well known for his visually engrossing concert experiences and this time he went all the way up playing with many combination of colorful eye-catching lights and many interesting visual graphics bringing it all together to you in an unique and different way.

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In my opinion Flying Lotus has an unique and special touch, something that is really hard to find as an artist. I also was really impressed about the 3D visuals, when you combine all those details it makes you have the best experience ever I have no words to explain all the feelings and emotions that I had at the same time. I can only day thanks Flying Lotus for one of the best experience of my life.

Photos By | Gabriel Di Sante 

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