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Grace Potter in Nashville at The Ryman Auditorium with Devon Gilfillian

Written By | Debbie Williams


Dreams really do come true, and Devon Gilfillian is the best example of that. Between releasing a new album and opening for Grace Potter at the famous Ryman auditorium in Nashville, TN.  He exemplifies what it is to be a musician in Music City, and tonight, he proved his time here was not wasted as the crowd in the theater felt the electricity coming off of Devon.

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The amount of soul in Devon’s vocal performance was unbelievable.  From the effortless falsetto in “Stay a Little Longer” to his bluesy rock anthem “Troublemaker,” his set was flawless. His new album “Black Hole Rainbow” shows a different side of Devon. “Thank Me Later” was a beautiful live display of raw emotions.  His infusion of synth rock and soul was the perfect way to open for Grace Potter. His path for stardom is inevitable.

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Opening with the retro-rock and power pop vibes of “Daylight,” Grace Potter had the audience completely and utterly captivated.  Grace exudes pure talent and raw emotion.  Her new album displays a different side of her as an artist.  With the vocals of a siren luring in each and every person in that auditorium, she made sure to give you a night to remember.


She quieted the audience with “Things I Never Needed,” conducted a sing along to “Desire,” and it was as if Ann Margaret possessed her body as she danced among the stage.  It is rare and nearly impossible to come across artists of her caliber anymore and she kept the audience mesmerized from start to finish.  As she led into the song “Reposession,” a co-write she had with her husband, she mentioned that this was the first attempt at a country ballad.   Without a question, this song was of pure perfection and a true highlight of the evening.

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She finished her set with a haunting trio of “Nothing But The Water (I)” and brought us to church with the gospel-infused “Nothing But The Water (II).”  She of course didn’t let the audience down when she finished with a SIX SONG encore.  The audience rocked out to her hit “Paris (Oh La La)” and closed the night with a thoughtful tribute and dedication to Busby with her solo performance of “Release.”  Every person leaving the Ryman that night left with tears in their eyes and the memory of a performance they’ll never forget.  It was an honor to witness such an epic performance by Grace Potter and a new record that bares truth that mines the depths of her soul within every lyric.

Photos By | Debbie Williams