Gus Dapperton in Atlanta at Terminal West with Spencer

Written By | Sofia Sonera

Photo Nov 01, 8 04 44 PM

On November 1st, Spencer and Gus Dapperton played Terminal West venue. As I arrived, there was already a long line waiting for the doors to open. As I approached the ticket booth, there was a giant plastered sign stating that tonight’s show sold out Terminal West’s 600 capacity venue.

Upon walking in, I immediately noticed the distinct style among fans—Long sleeve bright-colored turtlenecks, winery glasses, layered dainty jewelry—some fans were decked out in previous Gus Dapperton Merch.

Photo Nov 01, 8 46 25 PM

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After about 30 minutes in anticipation, Spencer the opening act came on. Spencer has been with Gus Dapperton the whole “Where Poly People Go To Read” tour. He was polite and soft-spoken, introducing himself and explaining how it’s his first time in Atlanta. Soon after, his soulful vocals and deep beats filled the room with rhythm. He was playing a fancy 5 string bass. Everyone was bobbing their heads to his smooth house beats listening intently. New to the scene, he’s quickly risen to popularity with his new singles “Want U Back”, “To Be You”, and his most recent song that came out on October first “Automatic”.

On his second to the last song, he asked the crowd to turn their flashlights on and sway; the venue shone with lights as he sang. His successful set closed with his single “open wide” and the crowd cheered.

At this point, the crowd was antsy for Gus. There was about a thirty-minute interlude between the acts with spurts from the crowd chanting Gus sporadically. Finally, his guitarist and keyboardist came on stage and began playing following came Gus and the crowd went wild. He came on singing and dancing and his fans followed singing along with him. Some songs Gus was playing guitar, others he was just singing and jumping around the stage.

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Gus’s tall and lanky demeanor did not at all fit his coarse, powerful voice. It was so refreshing to see a young musician being so active and energetic; it was a great performance. In between songs he encouraged the crowd to also dance along with him which the crowd obliged. The crowd was fully engaged in the entire show fueling Gus Dapperton’s energy. The last 3 songs were fantastic, fans would chant their favorites and he played them all. After a long energetic set, he thanked the crowd and came off, immediately a chant for an encore happened.

To my surprise, they played an amazing cover of “Twist and Shout”. It had such a fun indie twist to the golden oldie. At the end of the show, all his fans looked so exhausted and satisfied with all the dancing and singing. Spencer and Gus Dapperton put on two very unique and great shows for the Atlanta crowd.

Photo Credit | Sofia Sonera