Heather Morgan’s Debut Album ‘Borrowed Heart’ Review

 Photo Credit: Blythe Thomas

Heather Morgan is a multi-talented country music singer-songwriter from Richardson, Texas who has been highly praised in the past for her work. Writing songs for popular artists such as Keith Urban, Kenny Chesney, Brett Eldredge, and many more, she has earned her stripes in the industry with chart-topping songs, and a BMI Country Song of the Year Award back in 2015.

However, as successful as she has been up to this point, Heather has now chosen to step out of the shadows of those many successful men and use her beautiful creativity and experiences for her own spotlight.

Working with Grammy-nominated producer Paul Moak, Heather Morgan promises to deliver her debut album ‘Borrowed Heart’ October 5th, 2018, that shares intimate moments from her own her life story. Full of heartbreak, passion, electricity, and overall emotion, Heather Morgan clearly wore her heart on her sleeve while working on this album.

Here at Imprint, we were lucky enough to get a full taste of this awesome album before it is released to the public next month. I sat down for a little over forty minutes to enjoy her music, and really dive into the emotion she was portraying.

I don’t normally listen to country music, nor do I have many favorite country artists for comparison, but Heather has a voice that gave me goosebumps from the first song called ‘We Were A Fire’. Other songs that stood out to me were ‘Morning Light’, a powerhouse song with a classic rock feel that I couldn’t help but tap my foot along to. ‘Speckled Bird’ was a more whimsical song that can make a person feel as if they are a part of Heather’s daydreams and fantasies. Last but not least, ‘Highway Robbery’ was really on point with everything; It felt like it could become a radio hit itself by next summer. Of course, there were many more greats on this twelve song album, but that’s why you’ll just have to check it out yourself!

Overall, Heather Morgan’s debut album has a clear theme that circles around her past loves, friendships, fleeting moments, opportunities, memories and overall life experience. It is a diary of music that Country music fans should definitely keep an eye out for. 

Although the full ‘Borrowed Heart’ album will not be released until October 5th, 2018, you can check out the album’s lead single titled “Your Hurricane” on Spotify or Youtube.

Keep up with all of her progress on the Heather Morgan official website, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts.


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