Hobo Johnson & The Lovemakers Tour in Philadelphia at The Fillmore

Written By | LaMonica Cobbs

The Fall of Hobo Johnson & The Love Makers tour stopped in Philadelphia Friday night, November 8th 2019 at the Fillmore and they brought some dope artists with them. This tour has nice mix of genres. Rap, Rock and Soulful Funk.

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Bedroom trap music artist Nate Curry opened the show with a special guest, Nate Furry. If you’re a fan of Nate you already know Nate Furry is his stuffed animal he brings on stage with him. With only a short time on stage Nate’s energy got the crowd hype. It’s clear why he opened the show. Temporary Fix and Hate to See It were a favorite amongst fans.

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Up next  to perform was The Philharmonik. He brought the soulful funk vibes that had fans grooving. Singing songs like Pay Me with a chorus “fuck you pay me” and Drugs, fans quickly caught to the choruses.  Although Philharmonik played the keyboard the entire time he was on stage, I didn’t mind it, he was still entertaining and quite animated.

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The high energy rock band, Mom Jeans, lit the stage, giving me a feeling as if I were watching them perform in a garage and that’s not a bad thing. Their style of music is reminiscent of a typical 90’s Alternative Rock garage band. The band’s chemistry kept my attention their entire set. I love seeing bands have fun on stage. Lead vocalist Eric Butler Austin shouted out his band mate Billy Bouzos wishing him a happy birthday along with the fans.

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This was my first introduction to Hobo Johnson and The Lovemakers. Let’s just say I’ve added a few of their songs to my playlist on Tidal. I enjoyed his engagement with the crowd. He’s very personable on stage. Hobo mentioned that every city he’s been to the audience has a different smell. Can you guess what the Philly audience smelled like? Cheese Wiz. I’m sure that’s because Philly is home of the Cheesesteaks.

Music lovers will enjoy The Hobo Johnson & Lovemakers tour. If the tour stops in a city near you, definitely check it out.

Photo Credit | LaMonica Cobbs


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