Hoodrich Pablo Juan is Ready to Blow Like “Fireworks”

Trap heavy-hitter Hoodrich Pablo Juan delivers soft-spoken street knowledge that hits like a brick. Riding an understated beat driven by ominous single-note piano, Hoodrich Pablo Juan quietly threatens you and your whole family on “Fireworks,” his latest video single.

Produced by Aftrparty, “Fireworks” is a master-class in matter-of-fact stunting, as the 1017 Eskimo rapper brags about his luxury lifestyle and threatens all comers who would cross him. Released on New Year’s Eve to the tune of 213k+ views on YouTube, “Fireworks” is the latest single from Dope Money Violence, Pablo’s upcoming project, following “Dolce Gabbana,” the collaboration with 1017 labelmates Yung Mal & Lil Quill.


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