Iconic Patty Griffin came through and Nashville gave her all the love she deserves

Written By | Therese Enberg

Sweet Lori McKenna from Boston, MA was the opening act for Patty Griffin at the incredible Ryman Auditorium. “This dress has pockets, it’s the best thing” her southern twang takes everyone by storm. The dress is fabulous and the cute booties are a fashion statement.

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She worked with Tim McGraw on Humble & Kind which got a round of applause from the crowd. The smoothness and delicacy of her voice is incredible.

“Dad I wrote you a song, it’s called People Get Old, but he took it really good” you can tell Lori is nervous, but her voice is still strong and majestic. What actually shocked me was that Lori is from Boston and she’s faking the southern accent as it makes her pronounce her Rs. In the studio she was told she didn’t pronounce the R’s, and had to fake a southern accent to sing properly. When she brings out the Boston accent, it makes me laugh. She talks wholesome about her 5 kids, and her family in general.

She speaks very highly of Patty Griffin and how proud and happy she is to be sharing the stage with her.

Familiarity when you’re my age.


The Love Junkies (Liz Rose & Hillary Lindsey) guest stars when she sings “Girl Crush” and their harmonies are marvelous together. You can tell that they are best friends, Lori gushes about them over and over. As the set is finishing up they receive standing ovations.

I look around the crowd, everyone is dressed up fancier, though rather diverse. There’s the occasional tourists, though it seems like most of the attendees are living in Nashville.

Icon Patty Griffin comes on stage and she gets standing ovations immediately. You can tell how touched she is by the love from Nashville. She beat cancer, rediscovered her voice as she lost it during the treatment. It’s phenomenal to see how passion can beat the most awful things.

She exclaims that during this tour they have asked the crowd who is Irish American, maybe 10% in the crowd raises their hands. As the Irish immigrated early on to America, they have noticed that throughout the crowds during the tour that a large majority are Irish American.

Patty has an incredible vocal range, and she is such an icon. You can tell her voice is slightly different after rediscovering it but it’s stronger than ever. The couple in front of me are holding each other tightly sharing their love for Patty, and it warms my heart to see two people sharing music and how it helps their relationship. One of the songs from the new record that I noticed a lot of people enjoyed was “Where I Come From”, they sang along.

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The encore was “Heavenly Day”, and the crowd loved it. The show was an emotional roller coaster. Emotional talks, and coming back to the industry after beating cancer and fans sticking by her side and showing support is lovely to see.

Patty Griffin is back and stronger than ever and Nashville showed her all the love she deserves.


Photo Credit: Therese Enberg

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