IMPRINT INTERVIEW|Black Milk talented Rapper from Detroit, Michigan

IMPRINT ENTERTAINMENT had the opportunity to speak with the talented rapper Black Milk about his start in the music industry, new album, and upcoming projects. Black was born and raised in Detroit, Michigan. “I’ve been in the industry for about 10 years now and my goal is to create a lane and space in music that doesn’t really get heard,” Black continued, “With my new album “FEVER” there was a long list of things happening politically in the country, it ended up being something that a majority of the album is about.”

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When asked what his favorite song off of the album is Black said True Lies is the one that means a lot to him because he spoke on giving people a glimpse into his life. The second verse he talks about religion and stuff that you learn based off of tradition. “Someone has to break the mold in terms of having a certain level of curiosity, this is one of my favorites because of the play on words,” said Black.
Aside from rapping Black Milk also has his own record label called Computer Ugly. “One of the tracks on a previous album I was working on was entitled Computer Ugly because it had tech heavy and computer heavy tracks,” he continued “I thought it was a cool name people would think would catch on.” The creation of his label was quite simple actually. Black knew at some point he wanted his own label. In 2010 and 2011 it became the thing to have your own indie label with artists that could release their own music. “It was the right time at that point, I thought it would be cool to put my music out under my own label as opposed to someone else,” said Black.

Black opened up about the process he goes through while creating music. “I’ve always had a long list of sounds and music that I wanted to explore, each project I try to approach that next sound that I always wanted to experiment with, I think thats what keeps it exciting,” said Black. He expressed how he’s never hung up on one thing because there are so many different styles of music that he wants to try and thats what motivates him to keep creating new music.

Coming up Black has collaborations with 2 different artists and is working on a lot of things on the production side as well. “Right now I’m on the road touring the album (FEVER) so that’s kind of where I’m at now, once I’m off the road I'm going to do some more solo work and collaborations,” he concluded.
If you don’t know already you can find Black Milk on twitter and instagram @black_milk.


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