Written By | Rasheedah Lee

The Bobby Debarge story was movie was nothing short of amazing. Roshon Fegan did and wonderful job. He played the part of Bobby so well. I was in awe of how great his acting skills were. I believe this could turn into more major roles for him. The entire cast did exceptional. I learned so much that I didn’t know about the Debarge family. They were all amazing singers and their family went through so much. I also loved how they went into details about their personal life and gave a in depth look of issues that the fans may have not known. This movie makes me want to loom more into their lives and learn more of their history.

Tyra Ferrell did an awesome job as well portraying The Debarges mother. Her acting skills are phenomenal.  She really got into character and made believe she was actually their mother. I was amazed how great she played her part. 

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I also learned this was Lloyd’s first movie role and he did such a fantastic job as well. I have always been a fan of Lloyd and  he really really turned it up a notch and made me an even bigger fan.  Russ Parr did a great job putting this project together. Swirl films also never lets me down with their TV One films. Every film I have watch from them has been nothing but amazing.  I really enjoyed this movie and plan to watch it again when it airs on TV One. I am just glad I got to see it early. 



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