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*Interview & Show Review* | Dermot Kennedy in Atlanta at the Coca-Cola Roxy

Written By | Caylee Robillard


Dermot Kennedy put on the show of a lifetime at the Coca Cola Roxy in Atlanta on Saturday, February 15th, 2020. Kennedy – an Irish singer-songwriter – has been dominating the industry with his unique and emotional music. His tour brought him back to Atlanta for the first time in years, and to a sold-out crowd nonetheless. I overheard a girl in the crowd say, “I don’t want this show to start because I don’t want it to be over” and that feeling remained throughout the entire show.

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He opened with his song “An Evening I Will Not Forget” and that was an incredibly accurate depiction that resonated with the crowd. The amount of pure soul that Kennedy sings with could convert anyone who wasn’t already sold that he is one of the most talented artists in music right now. He played a mix of songs from his debut and sophomore albums.

Some highlights of the show included his song “For Island Fires and Family” which he played without his band – this was an emotional and raw performance of a song that’s lyrics evoke the most genuine feeling of home and nostalgia. Two of the crowd favorites included his hits Outnumbered and Power Over Me, both of these songs had the crowd screaming back every single word. The crowd was attentive to every lyric and was completely engaged throughout the entirety of the show.  He closed out the show with his raw emotional song, After Rain.

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As the show ended, there was an overwhelming somber feeling throughout the crowd. This was a show that no one wanted to be over, but there was also a collective feeling that we had all shared something very special together. It was a show that I think every member of the audience will remember forever. If you have the chance to see Dermot Kennedy in your city, don’t miss it. 

Check out our interview with Dermot Kennedy below:

Photos By | Caylee Robillard

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