Minus Gravity
is an R&B Hip-Hop group based in Los Angeles, California made up of Mic Apollo, Sir Blaze and Rob Wil. Originally from San Antonio, Texas, Minus Gravity decided to make their dreams a reality in 2014 when they took that leap of faith, packed up their lives and moved to LA.

Minus Gravity is a group that has hustled since the beginning and by 2017 they were signed to 432 Entertainment and Capitol Music Group. Since the release of “Options” at the end of August 2018 produced by Skillz, Minus Gravity has quickly become a trendsetting group who offers a range of creativity in every aspect of their public lives. The guys of Minus Gravity are smooth, talented, fashion-forward, confident and down-to-earth. At Imprint, we had the opportunity for a small interview and found out just how wonderful these guys really are; despite the glitz and glam of the industry stereotypes, they have the power of remaining humble. “Everyone is already made different,” the group told us, they just stand out by simply being themselves and staying true to their original plan.


Minus Gravity shows a plethora of creativity in everything they produce. From their lyrics, their energy during live shows, their personal styles and their music videos. They took inspiration from their lives and the struggles that they went through. “The Highs and the lows, it’s all inspiration,” said Minus Gravity. “We travel out of the country often just to see new things and get inspired.” When asked who their biggest fashion icons were, the guys responded with, “Alexander McQueen, Walter Van Beirendonck, Liberace.” Classy, unique, brave and confident — just like Mic Apollo, Sir Blaze and Rob Wil. “We just try to keep the same high energy with every session we have. We love what we do so everything is exciting for us.”

Like all musicians making a name for themselves in the industry, they experience their own roller coaster of successes and challenges. However, overcoming the challenges has never been an issue for Minus Gravity “We have a certain understanding of life. You will always have things that come in your path. But even at our lowest we know it’s all a test. Somebody in Hollywood once told us “Laugh Or Go home” and we are still laughing through all the bullshit. You can only lose when you stop.” As for their accomplishments and what they feel has been their biggest moment of success so far, the guys replied with, “We don’t feel like we accomplished anything yet. We’re just trying to work hard and make small accomplishments daily because we have a long way to go ’till we even feel like we accomplished or did anything yet. When you keep that ‘we haven’t done shit attitude’ you remain hungry.”

Clearly Minus Gravity not only draws inspiration from life, but they give a bunch of it back too. Stopping was never an option for them, it never existed, but there were people that were instrumental to their journey. “Cindy Rocker was like a Hollywood mom for us, she taught us all about Hollywood and how it worked years ago. She passed away almost a year ago and that was hard for us, but she’s always in our thoughts. There’s also Marcia Tillman who taught us a lot and also Robin Thicke and Dallas Austin.”

These guys prefer playing live because they have the opportunity to truly connect with their audience and give their all on stage. When asked who their dream collaboration was with, they responded with “Sade” and we can only hope that this exciting mix will become a reality in the future! That being said, studio time is just as instrumental in their development as live shows are, for example, they enjoyed working with Robin Thicke. “He did some dope on spot production in the studio. It’s on our upcoming EP.” This forthcoming Ep should be dropping by the end of 2018.

So, what’s next for Minus Gravity? Well, they want their fans to know that “if you have a dream nothing can stop you. And no matter what you go through, Nothing can hold you down.” Minus Gravity are dynamic, creative, inspirational, modest and wonderfully skilled people. We can’t wait to see where their future success takes them, but you can bet that Imprint will be covering it.

Keep up-to-date with all things Minus Gravity by checking out their Website, Facebook, TwitterInstagramSpotify and Youtube. Watch their newest video “Options” below.

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