Jack Harlow in Atlanta at Terminal West with All Black

Written By | Ferriez Johnson

Crowd surfing on a Wednesday night? Why not! As the show time approached, a line of mostly young adults formed outside of the historic venue located in West Midtown. Terminal West opened their doors in 2012 after a renovation in the 90s which converted the, now modern venue from a plow factory. Upon entering the venue, one will quickly notice the dim lighting which draws all of the attention to the main stage. Attenders are joyous as they find that they can decide if they would like to be up close and personal or view the performance from afar.

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Speaking with concert goers, you can hear the excitement as they speak of Jack Harlow and All Black. Some being fans since Jack’s release of “Handsome Harlow EP” and spending hours traveling to be in attendance of “The Mission tour.”

As the lights focused in on the stage, Seddy Hendrinx from Jacksonville, Fl started the show by energizing the crowd with one of his song “Low key.”

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Next on stage was a rapper that goes by the name of AllBlack, hailing from Oakland, CA. AllBlack provided sounds from the west which seamlessly prepared the crowd for the main performer of the night.

During the brief intermission, the crowd began to chant “Harlow” in preparation of what they came for. Jack performed for more than an hour and provided an unseen energy to the crowd. Event goers crowd surfed, started mosh pits, and continuously chanted his name lets you know that there is no better way to spend a Wednesday night besides being in attendance of a Jack Harlow show.


Jack Harlow, is an artist based out of Louisville, KY, who has recently released his 5th official project “Confetti” and received nomination during the 2019 BET music awards. Jack is currently on “The Mission Tour” with dates confirmed until December 2019.
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