Singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist Jack Kays has shared his new track “The Voice In My Head”. The song comes alongside a live performance video shot by Jack’s frequent creative collaborator Cagla Akcadag. Originally teased a few weeks ago on TikTok to a positive reaction, “The Voice In My Head” is a treat to fans from Jack as he finishes up more music to come this year.

Speaking about the new track, Kays says: “‘The Voice In My Head’ is a song that is exactly how the title describes it. I have this little voice in my head that tries to tell me all this stuff. It’s so loud sometimes that I can’t tell if it’s true or not.”

“The Voice In My Head” is the follow up to Jack Kays’ latest acoustic EP CESSATION. Released at the end of last year, the 5-track project is an extremely vulnerable collection of songs that chronicle the lifespan of a man and his journey to sobriety starting at ages 10-17 with “Wish You Well” and concluding with a reflection of an entire life with “The Walk.”

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In support of the CESSATION EP, Jack hit the road on on his first-ever headline tour titled ‘The Man with a Guitar.’ Kays brought his captivating live show to cities across North America with sold out shows in New York City, Boston, Philadelphia, Atlanta and more.

Stay tuned for much more music to come this year from Jack Kays!

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