(Opening Statement)

“Looking back yesterday, obviously, we didn’t really go out there… I’ll speak on all three phases. Offensively, first, we really tried to set the tone of what we wanted to do from a running game standpoint, but we weren’t able to get a lot done, and then the protection standpoint. I thought in the second half, we had a couple plays, but again, the consistency of it is disappointing. You need that type of consistency. A couple penalties negated some things. I thought defensively we worked on tackling this week and I think we did a better job, but I still think we can improve in that area. The [opposing] quarterback, we were really focused on the rush plan, making sure he didn’t get out of the pocket. He got out of the pocket a good three times for about 49 yards, so the rush plan discipline and getting to him – we have to continue to work on that and do a better job. I though special teams-wise, probably one of the best days for us, special teams-wise. I thought Logan [Cooke] really stepped in there and kicked off well and punted well. The net [punt average]. Lerentee McCray had the tip. We had a chance for another one with Jarrod Wilson coming free on one, which was close. With Dede [Westbrook]’s touchdown return, Dede’s playmaking ability on offense, he continues to show up every week in doing things. With that said, it is disappointing, and we are not trying to look back, but do the best job I can to put them in a position to play this next game.”


(On his evaluation of the quarterback play)

“When I was asked a question about [that last night], I think I would tell all the players to be ready to go. It is hard to evaluate when there is a high level of inconsistency around you. There are things [Cody Kessler] can do a better job of, too. Just going through the whole week, everyone has to be ready to play and see how we practice and see what goes on at every position.”

(On sticking with Cody Kessler despite the offensive struggles in recent weeks)

“It is the same thing. We are not able to make plays. Run game-wise just not being consistent enough. I am responsible for that. That falls on me.”


(On his evaluation on the six sacks the team allowed on Sunday)

“I would say one for sure [Kessler] should have gotten it out. The other one was a combination with him and another offensive lineman. The rest of them, we just got beat.”


(On if it is disheartening to have a strong performance on special teams and defense and still lose)

“Yes, I think you have to [ask yourself what else the team can do]. I think you have to go in there and say, ‘What else can we do? How do we get this thing going?’ You have to do whatever you can possibly do. I think what you just said is accurate. What do we need to do to score points from an offensive side? Obviously, we got contributing point factor from the special teams yesterday. Then, the defense after a turnover was able to get a big stop. That is big right there. Offensively, we have to score points in this league. You score 13 points, or like you said the lack of touchdowns, it puts a tremendous amount of burden on your defense and your special teams. Those guys are stepping up and we have to find a way to step up offensively.”


(On if it is frustrating to “waste” a great special teams day)

“I think anytime you get a good effort from any of the phases. At the end of the day, you are disappointed because they have worked so hard and they are trying so hard. I think you are going to be disappointed in that. You left that out there with the ability to win a game and you are not able to win it.”


(On Leonard Fournette’s lack of touches)

“He had 11 carries. The first ten, though, we weren’t getting much done. I believe he was averaging 2.1 yards per carry. That is on everyone. That is not just on him. Then I wanted to get Dave [Williams] some carries. I knew that going into the game. That was one of the things I wanted to see because of the things I had mentioned yesterday in how hard the kid worked. He went in there and had five carries and I think he averaged 6.4 yards per carry. He had the one eight-yard run called back. We were trying to change it up with a different change up and really not looking too much into it – I know I got a bunch of questions yesterday about it – but we were just trying to replace Carlos [Hyde]’s carries with Dave’s carries.”


(On if Fournette’s lack of touches was due to lack of productivity and/or wanting to see Dave Williams get some touches)

“I wanted to get Dave carries going into the game no matter what. I didn’t want to end the game and have this guy and we didn’t do it because I think he can help us and give us a spark. [He’s a] different type of runner, kind of a change-up thing. With Leonard, we were getting safety blitzes, they were coming all over, really focused on it. It didn’t seem like it was working. We went to a little bit different scheme with Dave and got a little more out of it. In hindsight, if you want to look back and say you want to give [Fournette] the ball more, then I would say … [response interrupted by a media question].”


(On if poor play from the offensive line has contributed to Leonard Fournette’s rushing average)

“I would say that is part of it. With all the guys going in there now … I am sure there are things that Leonard would feel that he can do better also. Same with the support and blocking the safety and some of the perimeter stuff … I would absolutely [say that] with the whole run game. It goes on with anyone.”


(On if he had a disagreement with Leonard Fournette on the sideline)

“No, I didn’t. I asked him … In the run that we are talking about, I saw him limp off the field. I asked him, ‘Hey, are you OK?’ He said he was fine. He didn’t report anything, but he will show up on the injury report with a foot [injury] as limited this week.”


(On if he liked what he saw from Jarrod Wilson against Washington after replacing Ronnie Harrison due to injury)

“I did. I liked what he did. He did a nice job. He really did. He came in there, did a good job on special teams. He did a good job. He showed he was physical, made some tackles. He made a really good play on Vernon Davis on that go-route. He was able to strip the ball out, so he did a nice job. That was good to see.”


(On how valuable it is for Jarrod Wilson to put some defensive film on tape)

“It’s valuable for everybody, as [far as] what you can do. What you do out there on the field is your resume. It is no different than I tell the coaches. I’m not going to back away from the responsibility. The way the team performs, the way they act, everything that goes on is my responsibility, but it also trickles down to what the coaches do and, obviously, what the players do out there. It is your responsibility. This is your job, your profession. You want to make sure you do the best job you possibly can all the time.”


(On evaluating players)

“What I try to do every day, honestly … This is what I try to do every day: I try to come in here, I try to look at it, I try to put guys in position [to make plays]. I try to see how guys are going. I look at matchups, and I try to put the best guys out there that give us a chance [to win]. Sometimes when you go ahead and win and everything is working, there is really not a question. Right now, not a lot is working for us, so you are going to get a lot of questions. ‘Why this and why not this? Why not more of this? Why not more of that?’ They are all good questions, and there are ones that … When Daniel [Popper] asked me the question before, ‘Were you thinking about this? Were you thinking about the wasted effort of maybe your teams?’ There is no doubt. I’m not going to sit here and say, ‘Hey, I don’t question those things after the fact.’ Before we play, I feel really confident in exactly what we are going to be able to do. Once the game starts going, you try to do everything you possibly can to win. After [the game], you sit back and go, ‘Oh shit, what was I thinking? Should Leonard [Fournette] get more carries? Did he really go that long without touching the ball?’ Not that during the moment and the time, I have to do a better job of knowing that stuff.”


(On if he’s seen enough of Carlos Hyde to where he needed to see more of Dave Williams)

“I have seen Carlos. Now I’ve got [film of] Dave and now we have to see what is the best combination for us to go into this week. That will go into what we are doing, what we want to run, how they practice and things of that nature. We will figure out what the best combination is.”


(On what players outside of Dave Williams he wanted to get more opportunities)

“Lyndon Johnson at defensive line. I think he had eight snaps total. I was trying to get him between 10 and 12.”


(On if he has an injury update on Ronnie Harrison)

“Yes. Ronnie is going to be placed on IR.”


(On if Ronnie Harrison’s injury is his knee)

“Yes, his knee.”

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