JAVIER ROSAS continues to be unstoppable in the  regional Mexican genre and kicks off this 2023 with the release of his new single for his listeners, MÁS QUE TU FAN. A new romantic musical proposal where he’s joined by a Sinaloan band that started playing in the most important Mexican radio stations and is now available on all digital platforms.  

With “MÁS QUE TU FAN” the artist from Sonora bets once again on romanticism, with this song composed by Gilbrán Rosas which also comes with an official video – already available on his YouTube channel.

JAVIER ROSAS is currently one of the young stars in the regional Mexican genre. He has stood out in large part for the interpretation of corridos, but once in a while, surprises his followers with romantic songs, just like he did last year with Antes Que el Tiempo Pase,” and now with “MÁS QUE TU FAN,”  a very accurate decision for the artist who states: “It is an unedited song, a sincere and passionate declaration of love. I like to offer diversity to my audience and attract new audiences as well. Throughout my career, I’ve established myself as a singer of corridos, but without a doubt, romantic songs allow me to express myself in other ways, touching the hearts of many people and reaching new corners with my music.” 

JAVIER ROSAS added that his corrido audience shouldn’t worry because there are many surprises in store this year within this musical genre, which is one of the most loved, acclaimed and respected in the music industry. 

JAVIER ROSAS started his music career when he was 19 years old and has become of the most successful names in the regional Mexican genre. He has released 8 albums: Me Ha Tratado Bien La Vida in 2012, Llegué Para Quedarme in 2014, Otro Golpe in 2015, Más Vivo que en Vivo in 2016, Hecho en México’ in 2018, ‘La Ley De La Selva’ and Más Vivo Que En Vivo Vol. 2’  in collaboration with Universal Music.    

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His greatest hits include: En la Sierra y en la Ciudad”(2013), better known as La China, “Punto Final”(2013), Napoleón (2014), Y Vete Olvidando (2015), El 011 y Sus Muchachos, Quisieras Ser Mi Novia,” “El Próximo” (2016), “A Tu Amigo” (2017), Bienvenidos a Jalisco” (2018), Vivir Para Contarlo(2019), and more recently, “La Escuela No Me Gustó,” a song Javier sang with Adriel Favela, which became the “Corrido of the Year,” featured during the 2019 Billboard Music Awards in Las Vegas.    

In 2020 his single, “Del Este Soy,” a duet with Enigma Norteño, rapidly climbed the top of the popularity charts in Mexico and the US (Top 16 Billboard Charts), reaching 6.5M views on YouTube to date. In July of 2020, he released “Denver Ruleteamos,” a collaboration with Los Minis de Caborca, which was widely received by the audience and was nominated to the Billboard Awards that same year. 

Throughout his career, JAVIER ROSAS has received important nominations, recognition and awards, such as: “Corrido of the Year” in Premios de la Radio 2014, “Breakout Artist of the Year in Premios Lo Nuestro 2015, “Corrido of the Year” in Premios de la Calle 2016, “Microphone” of the Year 2015, a nomination to Premios Bandamax 2017, a nomination to Urban Corrido of the Year in Premios de la Radio 2019, and he also performed in the 2019 Billboard Awards, among others.