Jeris Johnson Releases a New Track Exclusively on Amazon “Heal”

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Jeris Johnson unveils an Amazon original track “Heal.” The track was originally teased over three years ago when Jeris was getting his start on TikTok. After getting early interest from Amazon, Jeris scoured his archives and jumped on the chance to finalize “Heal.” While the verse vocals are re-recorded, the chorus vocals stem from the three-year-old original.

“The lyrics sound like they are about a person or relationship but they are actually about my own healing journey and what I went through with my health… My producer cried after we made the ending to the song. It felt like it represented a new benchmark for the quality of our songs.” – Jeris Johnson

“Heal” comes in the wake of Jeris and ZillaKami’s track “Raining Blood.” Between the mosh-pit guitar stylings, and Jeris’ infectious vocals, “Raining Blood” is an enthralling medley of calculated chaos.

Additionally, Jeris will be hitting the road with iconic artists Korn, Evanescence, and Helmet from August 16 through August 28. Buy tickets and check out Jeris’ full list of tour dates HERE.

In 2021 Jeris unveiled his first full length project, EP, My Sword, followed by his debut album I WANT BLOOD/i want love. The album encapsulates the two dueling sides of Jeris; ‘blood’ and ‘love’. On one hand, Jeris is a crooning soul searching for the loves of his life. On the other hand, he is brandishing his sword as he chases, in his own words, “blood and money.” The Blood|Love dichotomy is ever-present in I WANT BLOOD/i want love and allows fans to enter the universe of Jeris Johnson. The 11 track-album explores, questions, and dissects what it means to have two internal opposing sides in constant battle.

With 240 million global streams, Jeris is headed full force into this new era and bringing ‘future grunge’ with him.