Jidenna 85 to Africa tour in Atlanta at Buckhead Theatre with Kelechi an Deante’ Hitchcock

Written By | Andre Buchanan


Buckhead Theatre, arguably one of the best music venues in Atlanta, Georgia, it is known to have sold out shows almost every musical genre. On this night, Jidenna brought through his 85 to Africa tour with special guest Kelechi and Deante’ Hitchcock. With a lineup like that, you know the show had to be sold out!

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If you’ve never heard of an artist by the name of Kelechi then please open up your Spotify and type his name in. Atlanta artist Kelechi is a rapper that is definitely on the rise. Proud of his Nigerian heritage, Kelechi embraces his culture and uses it in his music which makes his music a lot more diverse than other artist out there. His stage presence is amazing as he is full of energy, bouncing around the stage and interacting with the crowd. From the second he came out on stage, there was no doubt about it, the crow was feeling him. If you want to know more of what I’m talking about then go check out his latest release “Hot Boy Summer” right now along with his previous projects.


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Next up, Deante’ Hitchcock came to the stage. I have shot Deante’ before when he opened up for Leikeli47 a while back. Deante’ is a well known artist here in Atlanta and is continuously growing his fan base. Deante’ brings energy to the stage every time! He performed some songs off of his latest album, one being “Feelings (featuring H.E.R)”. He also just released his song “How TF” which features Atlanta’s very own 6LACK. All in all you will more than likely see more of  Deante’ Hitchcock soon. He’s an amazing artist that knows how to rock the stage.

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As the lights dim with the closed curtains, fans anticipated this exact moment. Behind those curtains the crowd knew that they were getting stage set for Jidenna. Finally it was time. As soon as the curtains opened up, Jidenna came out, and the ladies screamed for the man of the night. Jidenna played songs from his newest project 85 To Africa. The album has some Nigerian Influence and you can hear it well in each song. Jidenna is easily one of the sharpest, stylist Artists of our century and the ladies love that. His performance was beyond perfect and his stage set was no disappointments either. Jidenna’s tour is yet to be over, before it’s too late, buy tickets to his show asap!

Photos By | Andre Buchanan

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