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Jill Biden Holds Virtual Events Across Arizona


Yesterday, Jill Biden made several virtual stops across Arizona, including to host a virtual “Charla con Biden” with Tucson Mayor Regina Romero and Latina leaders, an organizing meeting with Phoenix-area volunteers, and an education roundtable with Phoenix-area educators.

In the morning, Jill Biden kicked off a “Charla con Biden” with Tucson Mayor Regina Romero and Latina leaders to discuss the impact that the COVID-19 pandemic is having on Arizona’s Latino communities, higher education affordability, and lifting up our public schools.

Regina Romero, Tucson Mayor

“There’s no doubt that this is an unprecedented moment. People are struggling, and that’s especially true in the Latino community. You make up a significant portion of the doctors, nurses, EMTs, first responders, grocery store workers, and those who keep our country running. This community is less likely to have jobs that allow for remote work and less likely to have health insurance. From education to housing to wages, every injustice and inequity of our nation has been magnified by this crisis. And yet, you all are here today because you refuse to be defeated by cynicism and despair. You know that now is the time to fight for something better.

Joe has always stood with the Latino community and he knows how to bring people together to get things done right away. He will speak up for what’s right and use this moment–this opportunity–to make our country work for you,” said Jill Biden.

In the afternoon, Jill Biden hosted a virtual organizing event with Arizona Democratic Party Chair Felecia Rotellini. In her remarks, Biden spoke about the important role that Arizona will play in November and the importance of mobilizing communities across the state for Joe Biden.

David Huff, Arizona Democratic Party

“Like Arizonans, the Bidens understand these issues and have the right plans to fix them. They are experienced leaders, which we need more than ever. Arizonans recognize that and, the truth is, Dr. Biden and her husband have a special relationship with Arizona that Trump just cannot match. While Trump inspires division, the Bidens inspire compassion. Arizonans remember the Vice President’s eulogy for the Granite Mountain Hotshots in Prescott Valley, Arizona, and they remember him speaking at Senator McCain’s memorial service. He and Jill are well respected in Arizona, and that’s why the Vice President is winning here. This country needs a return to common sense, a return to civility, and most importantly a return to compassion and empathy — the Bidens are offering that and that’s why we need them in the White House,” said Arizona Democratic Party Chair Felecia Rotellini.

“There’s nothing like isolation to show us how connected we are to each other. To remind us how much we need one another. To reveal how the shortcomings of our nation hurt us all. The health gap. The wealth gap. The education gap. The opportunity gap. Evey inequity in our society has been magnified by COVID-19. The virus didn’t cause systemic injustice, but it has laid it bare. Still, throughout this crisis and throughout this campaign, we have seen that many, many more Americans are ready for change. They are coming together for good. Because we believe in lifting each other up — in making some sacrifices to keep so many safe. We are united not by what we hate, but by what we love,” said Jill Biden.

Jill Biden concluded her virtual travel by hosting a roundtable with Phoenix-area teachers.

Alex Tin, Reporter, CBS News

“I promise you, if I have the honor of becoming your First Lady, I will work for you every single day. Educators change our world. And I want you to know how much your work matters. Right now, someone out there is a better thinker because of you. Someone is standing a little taller because you gave him the confidence he needed. Someone is working a little harder because you pushed her to try. Someone is kinder because you showed him what that meant. Someone is braver because you gave her courage,” said Jill Biden.

ABC 15 Phoenix: Campaigning in a Pandemic: Jill Biden Zooms into Arizona
[By Heather Cumberledge, 5/15/20]

As an educator for over 30-years, Dr. Biden said that learning in the pandemic age needs changes. Teachers have reported that in some classes “like two students will show up and, in some classrooms, everybody shows. “This time has definitely shown really the inequity I think is in education across this country, you know?” said Biden. “Some kids don’t have laptops and some kids don’t have internet, so we need to establish broadband across the entire nation, so that all kids get equal access to education.”

KJZZ Arizona Radio: Jill Biden Hosts Virtual Chats With Arizona Supporters
[By Jimmy Jenkins, 5/14/20]

Jill Biden participated in a series of virtual chats with Arizona supporters Thursday. Biden is trying to garner support from the Latino community for her husband Joe Biden’s presidential campaign. In a discussion hosted by Tucson Mayor Regina Romero, Biden said Arizona would be an important state for her husband to win as he seeks the White House. Biden said the COVID-19 pandemic has elevated the inequalities and challenges Latinos face in America.

Arizona Public Media: Jill Biden, wife of presumptive nominee, makes virtual visit to Tucson
[By Chris Conover, 5/14/20]

Biden also spoke about the coronavirus and the toll it is taking on the U.S., especially minority communities. “This community is less likely to have jobs that allow for remote work and less likely to have health insurance. From education to housing to wages, every inequity in our country has been magnified by this crisis,” she said, talking about Latinos. Arizona is considered a battleground state in this year’s presidential election. Donald Trump won the state four years ago by 3.5% . Bill Clinton won Arizona in 1996, he was the last Democratic presidential candidate to win the usually red state.

Arizona Daily Star: Romero endorses Biden
[By Daily Star Staff, 5/14/20]

Tucson Mayor Regina Romero endorsed Joe Biden for president this week — and was already campaigning for the presumptive democratic nominee by the end of it. Romero, a Democrat, had previously endorsed Elizabeth Warren in the primary, but the Massachusetts senator suspended her run in March. Romero announced her switch to Biden by tweet on Wednesday. By Thursday morning, Romero was already aiding the campaign by participating in a video chat with Biden’s wife, Jill, a professor, who Romero referred to as “our future FLOTUS.”