“The visible effect made on a surface by pressure”


June is a Copenhagen trio consisting of the three friends Celine Svanback, Jeppe London and Lauritz Emil Christiansen, who are all members of the music collective Official Music.

With their new single ‘Wanna Be Her’, June surprise us once again portraying just how gifted producers and songwriters they are.

“The vocal production is a lot different than we usually go for. In this song there are many more vocals stacked on top of each other plus a lot of reverbs, where normally ‘the June sound’ comes from lot of Celine’s vocal being very isolated. So you definitely hear Celine’s voice in a different way than you do with our other songs.”

June describes the song as an 80’s / 00’s prom night pop song,

“‘Wanna Be Her’ describes the desire to be in the shoes of ‘the new girl’, rather than having been the first love -where all the mistakes were made. But wrapped up in a: “no, I’m FINE thank you” attitude.”

June has released four singles and two acoustic versions with over 72 million streams combined across all streaming platforms. June are also known for their animated visual universe. Their music video for ‘A Little Messed Up’ reached more than 25 million views and 560,000 likes on YouTube.