K Camp’s Album Experience at 874 in Atlanta

Written By | Bernice Martin

I pulled up to a large white brick warehouse with a line around the corner. For this to be an RSVP event, K Camp’s fans made sure that they would not miss this. Upon entry the space was large and spacious. They adored this warehouse with purple ambient lighting, a spray paint wall, a marker wall, photo booth, merchandise booth, and a pop-up recording booth! The bar was laid out in the center of the floor with a projector screen of K Camp’s music videos nearby.

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As his fans began to cycle inside, people were starting to get active. They all flooded the bar, then made their way to sign the marker wall.  The time Interscope Records put into making this event an interactive experience was incredible. I mean, considering this is K Camp’s final studio album with the label, he and his fans are deserving of it. Interscope has been pushing back the release of this album for a while now so I could pick up on the anticipation and excitement from his fans. 

K Camp arrived around two hours after the doors opened in an all-white Rolls Royce truck which he parked inside the venue!  His fans, team, and photographers rushed him as he exited the car. At this point, there was a full house. I waited patiently by the DJ booth so I would have an opportunity to grab some images of him. Once he was near the booth, the crowd circled around as he played his latest single “Woozie.” It was lit! The crowd knew every lyric already and it felt as if there wasn’t a bridge between artist and fans. It felt like a group of friends getting turned up together. His new music is laced with catchy hooks and clever bars. I left the event discovery new music that I’ve been playing on repeat since!

Photos By | Bernice Martin

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