KAINA covers Mister Rogers’ theme song “it’s you i like”

Beloved Venezuelan/Guatemalan-American singer-songwriter KAINA shares a heartfelt rendition of “it’s you i like”, the theme song from the quintessential television series Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood. KAINA originally shared the song on TikTok, with Sen Morimoto on the omnichord, in her effort to provide a sense of calm and peace during these trying times. The clip quickly exploded on TikTok and has since received thousands of moving responses and is currently trending on the app.

KAINA creates generational music that surpasses borders, a unified expression of her native Chicago, coupled with her Latinx heritage. From her 2016 EP sweet asl. to her debut album Next To The Sun, of which have amassed large critical acclaim, KAINA exudes a sweet-hearted optimism, which she uses as a means to connect with and uplift her listener’s spirit. She has previously collaborated with Saba, The O’My’s, Sen Morimoto, and through multidisciplinary work around Chicago with various organizations, she has found a sound for herself that is gentle, yet full of intent.

More to come from KAINA soon.