Le Butcherettes with Stars At Night and Fairshake at The Masquerade

Written By | Matt Delaney

The Masquerade is always an enjoyable experience to see a live show and is loved by many in Atlanta. The Masquerade host many small and emerging artist from all around. Guest love attending the purgatory stage because you are right up close to the artist and the shows are so much fun to see there.

Photo By | Matt Delaney

First on stage was Fairshake, comprised of Shayne Goss (lead) with members Tucker Harding, Chase Sammons & Dan Wilson. They were an incredible performance with amazing lighting, allowing me to capture really good images. The bands lead and founder Shayne Goss, formed the band in 2008 but has had several different members but her vision still remains.

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Stars at Night
Photo By | Matt Delaney

The second act was Stars At Night and they were a hardcore punk-rock group comprised of an all female band from LA. Their performance left me stunned with heavy riffs and especially the intensity from the drummer. Stars At Nights style and performance can be compared to Black Sabbath and the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. The lead singer, Janelle Obert even inserted herself in the crowd to finish off her last song of the night. Be sure to check the intensity of the drummer I captured in the photos.

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Le Butcherettes
Photo By | Matt Delaney

Finally Le Butcherettes took the stage around 10PM. I was fascinated at the performance from lead singer Teri Gender Bender. the bands style is delightfully chaotic with sounds of punk, funk, noisy and loopy. The stage setting was primarily dark and the band was hard to photograph since they took a box formation. None the less, I really enjoyed Le Butcherettes and would highly recommend seeing them. Le Butcherettes were founded in Mexico in 2008 by lead singer Teri Gender Bender. Earlier live shows were outrageous and included props like 50s era dresses with dusters, mops and brooms. The more shocking was the use of fake blood, flour, meats, eggs and a real pigs head. She used these as a depiction of woman as slaves in the patriarchal household.

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