Lettuce’s Vibe Up Tour went through Nashville, and oh boy, I let my hair down!

Written By | Therese Enberg

Photo By | Therese Enberg

Funk band Lettuce came through Nashville’s Marathon Music Works and brought the party mood up on Friday night. Despite the cold, harsh weather, people showed up and the line to box office was long and constant for buying their tickets last minute.

Finally coming into the warmth of the venue, the first bar section was filled and beers were flowing. Walking through the venue, you could tell how the entire crowd was in a good laid back mood slightly dancing along to the background music.

Photo By | Therese Enberg

Oh boy, Nashville was in for a treat. Lettuce was about to play 2 sets, each 1,5 hour long. In the main room the bars were overflowing, the smoking deck had a special scent to it and the crowd was of great variety. At certain parts of the venue it felt like I had traveled back to the disco era, another part I was back at Woodstock and then back to 2019 and modernization.

As Lettuce started with their first set, the crowd got rowdy with their drinks, dancing like the venue was a night club. I noticed how the light set up was determined by the audio going through the soundboard which made a huge impact as big parts of the show was improv. It felt as if each time one member could improvise, they would, and whether it was a bass solo by Erick (Jesus) Coomes or a saxophone solo by Ryan Zoidis the crowd roared.

Photo By | Therese Enberg

Towards the end of the first set vocalist Nigel Hall came out to shine bright like a diamond. His vocal range was incredible, it took me by surprise that someone who played the organ and keys in the background was the true star of the show. He stole the spotlight from all the incredible musicians in Lettuce.

During the intermission between sets, the venue had a feel of being at the theater, where the crowd wildly discusses what they had previously seen.

Photo By | Therese Enberg

Set number two started with a bang, as if the band had gotten more energy out of nowhere. The finesse of the beats, the harmonies between instruments, the crowd was dancing, smiles across everyone’s faces. Even past the 2,5 hour mark, the band had energy which gave life to the audience who kept on dancing. You couldn’t help but let your hair down and enjoy the rest of the show.

As the show came to an end, way past midnight, the room was filled with dazed, happy faces leaving the building and onto the next adventure.

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