“The visible effect made on a surface by pressure”

Lil Durk’s Two Newest Only The Family Signees Share Two Different Flavors of Chicago Street Music

Guided by label honcho Lil Durk and his keen eye for talent, Only The Family label is home to Chicago’s most impressive young rappers. Today, Timo and MK, two of the label’s newest and freshest signees, share new music, proving that they can go toe-to-toe with King VonBooka600 and their other labelmates. Together, Timo and MK demonstrate the duality of Chicago’s street music: MK represents the city’s melodic, emotional style, while Timo makes hard-charging, merciless drill music.

MK’s new single “Kick Yo Door” threads the line between menacing and melodic. With a nuanced and engaging delivery that evokes his mentor Lil Durk, MK comes straight for the necks of any goofy who would stand in his way: “You got any words you wanna say before you say goodbye?/I know what you said, I didn’t like it so I had to slide.” The song is a change of pace from MK’s previous work, adding a tough-talking new weapon to his artistic arsenal.

On his hard-hitting anthem “30,” Timo salutes his 30Gang brethren atop a sinister piano loop, showing off his breakneck delivery and ruthless bars. Organizing his rhymes into a single unbroken verse, Timo asserts his street bonafides, brags about his YouTube views, and makes sure everyone knows he won’t change when he makes it big: “I’m on stage with them glizzies, I’m on stage with them 50s,” he rhymes. In the video, Timo stews in an empty apartment, toting guns and talking his sh*t amidst the strobe lights and pyrotechnics that await him when he becomes a star.

Stay tuned for much more from Timo and MK in the near future.

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