Live on Mars in Atlanta at Buckhead Theatre

Written By | Andres Piedrahita

Prior to getting to the show, I looked up a couple of videos to see how the band would be at a live show. They seemed pretty good from the videos I saw and was excited to see what it would be like in person. At first, I thought the crowd was going to be standing the whole time during the show but was completely wrong.

The venue had seats nicely organized, so the attendees had the chance to either sit or stand during the show. The stage was set, so no matter what angle you were at, you had a clear view of the band. In the beginning of the show, it started of soft and relaxed. A few people were standing, but most were sitting. I think the reason they were sitting is because they were just in awe by certain songs they played that possibly brought back some of memories (as it did for me). Sometime during the show, the lead singer gave note that anyone in the very back rows and the ones standing, can have the opportunity to sit closer to them. I thought that was a very nice gesture towards the audience and made them feel more welcome.

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Throughout the show, the mood started to shift (in a good way). It became more upbeat and hype with each song that they played. It looked as though more people started to move towards the standing section to dance and it was a wonderful moment being able to witness people from all ages come together as one. The vibe throughout the whole show was wonderful and uplifting. Towards the end of the show, the lead singer gave thanks to the crew, named the band members, and thanked the audience for being so amazing.

At the very end, the band members snuck to the front to have a special meet & greet for the audience that wanted to meet them. The band members were so humble to each and every person that came to say hello, wanting a photo, or a signature on the poster they had purchase. The band members were so kind to me as well and chatted a bit prior to officially leaving the venue. All in all, it was a fantastic show and they did an amazing rendition of the late David Bowie!


Photo Credit: Andres Piedrahita

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