Louis Tomlinson World Tour Stops at Denver’s Fillmore Auditorium

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Written By | Jessica Kelly

Nearly two years after postponing his debut world tour due to the pandemic, Louis Tomlinson made his next stop in Denver, CO. Fans were camping out in front of Fillmore Auditorium nearly two days in advance to get front row barricade spots for the show. The line was wrapped around the venue for a few blocks as fans anxiously awaited to enter the venue.

Before Louis Tomlinson came out on stage, Sun Room opened the show to get the crowd ready. The lights were bright, and opened with “Summer’s Here” to set the mood. Filled with energy, the crowd was engaging and dancing and everyone was enjoying the songs so far. They played various songs off their debut EP “Sol Del Sur.” People were singing along with their songs and even the cover they performed of “Blitzkrieg Bop.”

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Moments before Louis Tomlinson came out on stage, a message played throughout the venue informing fans to give each other space. The lights were dark and the fog started to come off the stage. The crowd was screaming at the top of their lungs chanting “Louis” over and over.

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Emerged from the darkness was Louis Tomlinson himself. The smile on his face was as big as it could be, standing in front of yet another sold out venue. Starting off strong, he played “We Made It” off his debut solo album titled “Walls.” Fans were singing along as the song went on. He even sang some older One Direction songs such as “Drag Me Down” and “Little Black Dress.” Louis went on to play more songs such as “Habit,” and Just Hold On.” The energy in the room was surreal as everyone was singing along and even crying during some of the songs. He came back out and finished off the night with “Kill My Mind.”

Photos By | Jessica Kelly