Mahalia in Atlanta At The Masquerade with Opener OGI

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Written By | Ebony McKennedy 

As soon as I arrived to Masquerade located in the heart of Atlanta. I was excited to see Mahalia and OGI Perform! As I walked into the venue it was already packed with hardly enough space to walk around. While Everyone was socializing the lights began to dim down to set the mood.

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Not knowing what was going on, the audience became quiet and OGI set the stage with her presence leading the crowd turn up the noise 10x! As she walked on stage everyone started screaming to the top of their lungs for her. She comes in with a alluring soulful voice I’ve never heard anything like it before! She engages with her supporters as if they were her friends exposing the importance of each song. I was ecstatic of OGI music and her style, as she left the stage her supporters were left inspired!

As the crowed waited about 15 to 20 minutes for the grand finally of the night, The lights completely turn off, less than a second Mahalia finally appears with crazy lights streaks throughout the venue! Performing her single “Sober” my absolute all time favorite song from her. The audience goes insane loving her aesthetic. Mahalia explains her to supporters why she’s been gone for 3 years with dismissing old relationships and being in the process of healing. She is completely healed and taking back over her life!

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Every song she performed represented her past relationships. Her personality was warm and comforting by being vulnerable towards her supporters that’s been with her and never left her side, while she was on her hiatus. It was very bold and inspiring how Mahalia shared her personal life and all the obstacles she had to face within the 3 years she’s been gone. Every song Mahalia perform was perfect and enlightening in every way! It was a show you couldn’t missed I enjoyed both artist and can not wait to they both return to Atlanta!

Photos By | Ebony McKennedy