Maxo Kream in Atlanta at Terminal West

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On Tuesday Oct 22, Terminal West got blessed with one of Houston’s very own, Maxo Kream, as he brought his Brandon Banks Tour to Atlanta. Fans lined up in waiting to hear one of their favorite artist perform some of their favorite songs. You can just feel the anticipation in the air.DRE_8582

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Good things come to those who wait, and you can’t  have a great headliner without having some artist to open up for you. Starting the night off was Los Angeles artist ThisShitSerious. He came out on stage and gave Atlanta a taste of LA. His music was new to the crowd but they were  enjoying all of the hype.


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Although the crowd was getting warmed up, it wasn’t time for Maxo to come out. Joining Maxo on tour was New York rapper, Slayter. We just had the west coast on stage but Slayter brought it back to the East. Slayter came out with high energy and had the crowd going wild. They were more familiar with his music and did their best to turn all the way up. There was even a mosh pit and of course Slayter had to keep that energy so he jumped in.


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Up next was another featured guest on the tour and crowd favorite, Q Da Fool. Q is an artist from Maryland and is signed to Roc Nation. He performed some of his greatest songs like ‘Guns and Bells’ and ‘Off Him’. The fans were loving every second of Q’s performance.

Getting back to Houston, an artist by the Lil Jairmy. Is performance was short but sweet. Be on the lookout for Lil Jairmy because he is on the rise and you will be hearing more of him soon. Just remember who told you first.


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It was finally the moment everyone has been waiting for.  Maxo Kream came out and brought the energy. The fans screamed and yelled for Maxo’s presence. Maxo Kream is a legend in the making for sure. People from all over enjoy is music because he’s one of the coldest artists out and possibly one of the most underrated rappers in the game right now.

The crowd was hype but he wanted to see way more energy than the crown produced so he persuaded his fans to have a mosh pit during his performance. Maxo played the songs off of his newest album called  Brandon Banks. He started off with ‘Murda Blocc’ and even played a songwriter has with Travis Scott called They Relays’ but ended his whole performance with one of his most popular songs ‘Meet Again’.

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And to top it all off, he even brought out Young Dolph. All in all he was a great performer and I can’t wait for more new music from Maxo Kream.

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