Maxo Kream’s Big Persona Tour Hit’s The Fillmore in Philadelphia

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Written By | Louis Washington

Rap fans of all walks of life packed into The Fillmore on Tuesday, April 5. With Coachella on the horizon, Maxo Kream’s Big Persona Tour made a stop in Philadelphia. The Houston born rapper brought along some talented iced-out friends with him by the likes of Lul Bob, Peso Peso and Li Heat. It was hard to tell if they had more diamonds in their mouths or on their neck and wrist. 

Li Heat kicked off the show and warmed up the crowd. The Birmingham, Alabama native is fairly new to the music industry. He began making music in 2019 and since has developed a unique style which will garner the attention of rap fans from all over. His music is on all major streaming platforms, including popular viral songs he performed such as “007” and “3AM”. The future is bright for the young Alabama star.

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Lul Bob followed Li Heat to rock the crowd. The Boston born and South Carolina raised rapper melodic flows and brutally honest lyrics make for a great experience to see live. You can see the hunger in his eyes and the ability to turn truth to art was apparent.  

Lul Bob’s trials and tribulations as a youth helped to mold him into the artist he is today and sparked one of his most revered tracks, “Real Definition of Fake”. The crowd was mesmerized as he performed it at The Fillmore. 

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Peso Peso’s performance was impressive. The energy stayed high as the Galveston County, Texas born rapper rocked the crowd effortlessly with a stage presence that was infectious.  He got up close and personal with some fans while performing near the security barrier and they were loving his energy and giving the same energy back. Peso Peso couldn’t help but keep a diamond smile on his face the entire set and you know he couldn’t leave Philly without a cheesesteak from Max’s in North Philly. 

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The crowd went nuts as soon as Maxo Kream sprinted on stage. On the heels of his NPR Tiny Desk performance at SXSW, the Houston rapper came ready for the Philly crowd. To set the picture of how his performance went, Maxo Kream started his set in a bubble coat and ended the show shirtless. His performance had all the hit songs for his fans including “Roaches”, “Meet Again”, “G3”, “Mars” and he even brought a fan onstage to have a dance battle with him while he performed  “She Live” which is his hit featuring Megan Thee Stallion. After his set, he sat and talked to fans by the merch table, as long as they planned to buy some merch. 

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The Big Persona Tour concludes May 14th in Austin, Texas.


Photos By | Louis Washington