Morbid Angel in Atlanta at Buckhead Theatre

Written By | Tyler Anderson

Twas was week before Christmas, and all through Buckhead, not a creature was stirring, except death metal fans.

Incantation, Watain and Morbid Angel came to town and there was no room for play here. With two of the bands being staples in the American death metal genre, and one on the rise in Sweden, the crowd was in for a treat.

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Incantation took the stage first and really set the mood for the entire evening. As the mosh pit starting forming and the heads started banging, Incantation started to bring the house down. The low light conditions really added to the darkness of their lyrics. Playing a shorter set, they really brought everything they could in those six songs with the combination of heavy guitar and light shows.

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Next Watain was up! The stage was covered in animal bones and the band started a ritual backstage. The band came out covered in fake blood with the lead singer leading the way, torch in hand, and lit altars on the edge of the stage to finish their ritual. After throwing the torch into the crowd, they opened with Sworn to the Dark and the crowd immediately erupted. The energy in the room was unbelievable as Watain commanded the stage. Smoke and disdain filled the room as they continued their ritual through their music. Before they finished their set, they dedicated a song to Morbid Angel and the crowd exploded.

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Since coming to light in 1983, Morbid Angel has been one of the cornerstones of the death metal genre. Tonight proved that. Opening with “Piles of Little Arms”, they took the crowd by storm. Buckhead Theatre was completely on fire as they marched triumphantly through their 13 song set. They rocked deep into the night playing a lot of their popular hits. 

Photos By | Tyler Anderson