Musicians Who Started Their Careers in College

Many talented and now famous musicians had chosen to go to college before their careers skyrocketed. Some have actually met their bandmates in college, while others have discovered the full power of their talent. Overall, college years have been proven to be fruitful for quite a few big names in the current music scene. So, here are five musicians who prove to anyone that you can have both higher education and a musical career. 

Lil Wayne 

It may be somewhat surprising to know that Lil Wayne chose to attend college right when his career was taking off. Yet, it is true. The rapper has been involved in the music industry since childhood. Wayne’s first big contracts were signed during his teen years. So, it was obvious from the start that Lil Wayne’s career was in music. Still, he has chosen to dedicate time and energy to the University of Texas in his pursuit of a degree in political science. 

Indeed, he had the drive and interest in the knowledge that couldn’t be helped. Hardly any other student in political science could combine a fast-growing music career with classes. Hopefully, we all have sites like to help us out time by time. Though, it seems that Lil Wayne was very determined to graduate from college no matter what, considering that his growing fame made him switch to online classes in the end. 

Lana Del Rey

It is difficult to imagine this already legendary in college during her earlier years. However, the fact is Lana Del Rey went to New York’s Fordham University, where she focused on philosophy studies. However, during this time, she has never forgotten about her musical ambitions. She continued small performances and attempts at her musical career, which paid off during her senior year. That’s when she signed the first record deal. Though, she still had to wait for several years and some major rebranding of her name before the legend was born. Still, it’s fair to say her college years have played a major role in her career path. 


There is a good, almost unbelievable reason why we have here a whole band’s name instead of a musician. The truth is the entire band met during their college years. In fact, Chris Martin and Jonny Buckland met during the first weeks of their freshmen year and bonded right away. They have been jamming in their free time, polishing their sound, and trying to find a unique voice. However, it wasn’t till they had grown to a foursome that things changed for the better. 

The two have also met Will Champion and Guy Berryman in the same school, University College London. Although they didn’t start all together at first, by the end of the studies, the future Coldplay was already formed and ready to rock. Who would have thought that the lucky college choice for four talented people would result in international success?


Madonna was actually in college when she decided that her career in music was more important than a higher degree. However, it wasn’t an easy decision for her to make. After all, this legendary singer has always had an A-type personality. She graduated from high school with high grades and received an athletic scholarship at the University of Michigan due to her dancing talents. Though, after spending some time in school, she realized where her true passion was. 

Perhaps, we would not have Madonna if she had stayed in Michigan for the school duration. Yet, it also was her college years that helped Madonna gain the courage and confidence to follow her destiny in the music industry. Maybe, she didn’t become famous while in college, but these years were definitely her steps into the career she managed to build soon after that. 

Lady Gaga

Like Madone, Lady Gaga has chosen to quit college to pursue a career in music. She did have a powerful start in school, though, as she went to the Tisch School of the Arts in New York. What better place could have inspired her to start a career and reveal her full potential as an artist? Indeed, these formative years in Lady Gaga’s life gave her the inspiration to follow her heart and launch a career of her own without waiting for a degree. Maybe even her big role model, Madonna, has also been a part of such a decision. 

Bottom line 

These legends on our list prove a valuable point. The pursuit of higher education can be an essential part of anyone’s upbringing and path to success. All these big names and extremely talented musicians knew their connection to music was unbreakable. That’s where they envisioned their future and kept their eyes on the goal throughout their college years. 

Still, they have chosen to extend their horizons and educate themselves while moving toward their lucky break. And see where the pursuit of knowledge got them! For them, college was a place of growth, a new friendship, and a platform for opportunities. It’s quite an inspiration for anyone who follows their steps.