Nashville rockers Goodbye June served up equal bits of grit and groove during their show in Nashville

Written By | Ashley Eady

Photo By | Devin Williams

Nashville rockers Goodbye June served up equal bits of grit and groove during their show at The High Watt in Nashville. Their infectious energy made it hard to stand still. As they shredded guitars and shook tambourines, the audience couldn’t help but move and dance along with them.

The shredding and the shaking got so intense, that about 20 minutes in, a full can of beer got knocked over. A thick trail of the liquid oozed its way to the front of the stage… directly under lead singer Landon Milbourn’s feet. As he stomped to the rhythm of rock’n’roll tunes about women named Daisy and Josephine, he unknowingly spread the sticky, brown liquid across the stage. For a few painstaking minutes, I worried he’d slip and fall. Luckily, though, that didn’t happen. In between songs, the sound guy rushed on stage with cloth in hand to mop up the spilled beer. Whew! Crisis averted.

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In a 2016 interview with Barstool Blues, guitarist Brandon Qualkenbush said the band had “gotten to a place, as musicians where we’ve found a way not to hold back.” That quote perfectly encapsulates the essence of Goodbye June, and their essence came out in full force when they played “Secrets in the Sunset,” the title track off their latest EP. This was definitely the highlight of the show. Landon’s voice was gritty like a dirt road, yet smooth and sweet like the nectar of honeysuckles that grow in the bushes alongside the road. He’d often throw back his head to let out a high-pitched wail as Tyler and Brandon slammed on their guitars, their long, brown hair flying in all directions. Meanwhile, drums and bass guitar punctuated the impassioned soaring melodies of voice and guitars. The band certainly didn’t hold back.

Here’s a clip from their show…


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