Natasha Phillips Brings Christian Music To The Front With Stunning Vocals

Natasha Phillips is an up-and-coming contemporary Christian Music artist. Making music that is stunning and moving, Natasha Phillips has set out to inspire others and rekindle their own connection to God. 

The Atlanta, Georgia based artist began her lifelong passion for music as part of a church choir. Learning how to spread the gospel through song, Natasha Phillips felt a deep connection to God through music. Years later, she still feels the same connection, and hopes to share it with as many others as possible. Combining her striking vocal capabilities with the soft and uplifting tones of Contemporary Christian music, Natasha Phillips hopes she can awaken the same passion in others that she continues to feel every single day. 

First coming onto the scene with her 2015 single “I’ll Worship You”, Natasha Phillips has since led an impressive musical career that includes the release of additional tracks, such as “Run to You” and “You Are Still God”. In each new piece of music that she composes and performs, Natasha Phillips has been revered for the way she uses her vocal talents to make simple messages and teachings feel mighty. 

Continuing to develop and grow as an artist, her newest single “God of my Universe” is perhaps one of her most impressive releases to date. On this single, Natasha Phillips examines and explores her relationship with God and the impacts that it has had on her life. The track feels deeply personal and raw, as if a conversation that we are not meant to hear. Still, Natasha Phillips does not shy away from it and delivers one of her most striking performances to date. In doing so, she sends an important message that we do not have to hide our own relationships with God. 

As a result, Natasha Phillips has rightfully become one of the few artists at the forefront of the contemporary Christian Music scene. With the spotlight of the industry shining on her, Natasha Phillips is ready to spread Christian music to the world!