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Rising singer-rapper and “Sexxnb” pioneer Lawsy showcases his boundary-pushing brand of R&B on the sizzling new EP SEXXNB Vol. 1Listen HERE via Listen To The Kids/Geffen Records. Building up to this release all year long, the North Carolina talent has crafted a cohesive collection of pure sex and seduction.  

Over a dozen tracks, Lawsy luxuriates in a sumptuous mix of lush grooves and lust at first sight—and he gets straight to the point from the get-go. On “Inside of You,” he proclaims exactly where he wants to be, while on “OK Baby” the newcomer admits that he’s really just a hopeless romantic: “I wanna be with you everyday, baby,” he croons over Wise & Axjunior’s squiggly production. 

Lawsy’s viral hit “Hotel,” which peaked at #8 on the U.S. Spotify Viral Chart, serves as the EP’s slinky centerpiece, and flows right into the thrilling ‘90s throwback “What I’m On,” featuring Detroit rapper BabyTron. Later, “Like That” interpolates Mark Morrison’s1996 hit “Return of the Mack,” a classic hip-hop staple that Lawsy breathes new life into with his cheeky brand of humor. “Sugar mama sending me checks, said she wanna fuck next,” he sings. 

But by EP’s end, Lawsy is back to wearing his heart dutifully on his sleeve. “When times get tough, I’ll be there, holding you in my arms,” he gushes over a bed of airy synths on the J.R. Rotem-produced “Come Along.” Throughout the collection, Lawsy nimbly works alongside an array of producers, further solidifying his “sexxnb” style.

SEXXNB Vol. 1 comes during a breakout year for Lawsy, whose precipitous rise began with the massive success of “Hotel.” Since May, the song has accrued more than 15million streams between the original, sped up, and slowed and reverbed versions. Lawsy has also been selected as one of YouTube’s Artists on the Rise and reached the Top 150 of Shazam searches.

Inspired by musicians as diverse as Tyrese and Tony Shhnow, Lawsy is bringing a new dimension to the SoundCloud scene with woozy melodies and rich, immersive beats. Though he’s only been releasing music for a short time, EPs like Grown Hoes and Rich Drug Addict showcase his relentless work ethic and creativity, finding new ways to weave his voice with squirming synths and pounding percussion.

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