Ozuna took on The worlds most famous arena, Madison Square Garden

Written By | John Acosta

Ozuna, one of the worlds most polarizing musicians took on the worlds most famous arena, Madison Square Garden. The camaraderie in the building was exciting and full of anticipation for the ‘Te botè’ singer. The arena was up to capacity with all kinds of people and culture.

A true fan of Ozuna does not come in any particular color or age. at his show you can see everything from a 11 year old excited girl being accompanied by her folks or a 50 year old man in his best outfit ready to party. Ozuna started off the evening with ‘Se Preparó’.

The stage was lit up with mesmerizing lights and fire as 20,000 people watched. At the end of the opening song the crowd was electrifying with roars for the 26 year old Latin sensation. From there he gave New York banger after banger. He went on to play ‘Criminal’, ‘Siguelo Bailando’ and a New York favorite, ‘La Modelo’ featuring Cardi B.

Every song was performed not only by Ozuna, but the crowd itself. Seeing Madison Square Garden sing in harmony with Ozuna was the highlight of the night. In the midst of the the crowd singing his art, Ozuna starred into the crowd, amazed, with a smile that lit up the stage. Ozuna was on stage for over an hour and a half giving New York his all. He ended the night with ‘El Farsante’ and the stage was enveloped in confetti and fireworks. A true showman, Ozuna acknowledge each side of the crowd with a bow of appreciation while the crowd roared. He than went to the middle of the stage and vanished from the stage.

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