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Pink Sweat$ A Sweet Tooth To Denver’s Gothic Theater

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Written By | Aidan Hicks

If you haven’t heard of TikTok by now, you simply have no source to the outside world. This app’s helped changed the landscape of not just video content but the foundation of the music industry. TikTok has helped give artists without industry backing spotlights to have their music constantly shared and uplift careers. With this, one of the standouts from this new wave’s been Philadelphia’s R&B singer Pink Sweat$, who brings his lovable & human teddy bear vibes to the Gothic Theater in Denver November 15th, 2021.

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As the doors opened to excited fans, some waiting for hours beforehand, people came flying in. The stage was in a bubble gum pink as people packed the floor and walked upstairs to get good seats. As the crowd grew, Bren Joy kicked off the night of festivities on the perfect note. Joy surprised the audience bringing the vibe balancing of himself and his backing pianist & drummer making his set infectious. That and his positivity made him a standout, putting all onto “Twenties” and what the future will bring him.

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If the first opener is that good, you can only think where things will go from here. That destination was good vibes only from “The Granddaughter of Soul” herself, KIRBY. She was making everyone feel themselves thanks to her “Treat Yourself” aura radiating from her stage presence and music. After their crowd twerk-off, never felt like a dull moment that kept people wanting more as the group wrapped up.

The venues packed to the brim now with people in high spirits and anticipated for what’s to come. Time felt like it flew by by the time the band kicked off the show. Before you knew it, Pink Sweat$ casually walked on to thunderous cheering as “Magic” literally and metaphorically kicked off the show. From there, Sweats and the band brought it all to the table for Colorado. The audience yelling every word, couples slow-dancing to classic “Coke & Henny,” and the positive energy kept Sweats singing his heart out.

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What stood out to me was Pink Sweat$‘s general gratitude for what he does. How he used song intermissions to give his fans encouraging words of advice and highlight all band members. As the encore of the viral song “At My Worst,” you could feel his radiant message of count your blessings and never forgetting where you came from. It didn’t stop there as he told everyone to hang at the mercy table to meet & greet everyone.

I watched him get to talk with fans 1-to-1, take funny photos, sign things, and listen to fans gratitude for him. He treated everyone with respect and positivity that left you smiling ear-to-ear walking out the venue and that’s what musics all about. If you ever get the chance to, I highly recommend checking out all these artists and their flourishing careers.

Photo Credit | Aidan Hicks