Polo G Flexes on Denver’s Mission Ballroom

Written By | Aidan Hicks

As we reflect with the last year concluding, only a handful have had quite the year like Chicago rapper Polo G. From subverting expectations with his third album Hall of Fame to venturing through music festival season. All this topped with dropping the deluxe Hall of Fame 2.0 with an accompanying packed tour. This leaves fan lining up with much much anticipation going into Mission Ballroom in Colorado November 30th, 2021.

Starting off the night was a wave of simple & quick but enjoyable upcoming acts. We start with YungLiv giving the audience a quick laugh and welcome with his funny dancing & enjoyable music.

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From there, Trench Baby brings out his group of hype-man friends to get the crowd goin’. Making the most of things with hopping off the stage to connect with the crowd was a cool highlight for all.

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Finally Scorey made the most of his time, connecting with all sides of the crowd with his friends. Finishing with the crowd saying R.I.P to his friend Zach, you can see the gratitude these guys had.

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After that wave, the vibes were high when rapper Lil Poppa hopped onto the mic. Running off his recent “Blessed, I Guess” album release, he brought dedication to the stage. Writing since he was six, his stage presence is just part of his DNA at this point. Tossing water in the air and running across the photo pit to click with the crowd, the energy resonated with the audience and it’ll be cool to see where the future takes him.

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The final opener HotBoii was welcomed with roaring hype as he went onto bring all the stops for Denver. Running off the success of his singles and feature run this year, the crowd was amped for his set. HotBoii stayed smiling and kept the crowds phone lights up all throughout his set. Things only went up when fellow Florida rapper Rico Cartel ran out outta nowhere for a surprise appearance. These two together only resulted in fireworks with one bringing the best out the other. They also brought generosity checking on the crowd and offering water to those needing assistance making their time overall enjoyable.

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It was only a matter of time when all the lights came up flashing onto Polo G himself repping Chicago proudly with the help of his hype-men. The breaks were off as he jumped from hit to hit with the crowd seamlessly knowing every word. While he’s far from the first to open up his sensitive side, his perspective feels very self-aware and sympathetic. Everyone was moshing to classics like “Pop Out” and “Go Stupid” to bobbing their heads to tear jerkers “Fame & Riches” and “Last Man Standing.”

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It’s easy seeing how Polo G‘s become a standout in today’s rap landscape, painting vivid scenes exploring the depths of his trauma to cope with the creeping normalization of his upbringing resonating with many unfortunately living in similar circumstances. Polo G represents the hustler we all see within ourselves to get ourselves alongside our family and day one’s to better lives. That along with his strong writing game and ear for an array of producers brings a lot to the table that keeps you enjoying his performance and keep him on rotation afterwards.


Photo Credit | Aidan Hicks

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