R&B artist Damar Jackson has always been a one man band

Damar Jackson at The Tabernacle – Atlanta IMPRINT | Kiki Archer

The singer, songwriter, and producer is well-versed in every facet of the music industry; from A&R to production. The same song that he can sing, he can write, produce, and market- he is a show unto himself.

And he’s about to debut.

Although his first album has not dropped yet, Jackson is no rookie; rather, he is a veteran in his own right- with the stats to prove it.

Damar Jackson at The Tabernacle – Atlanta IMPRINT | Kiki Archer

At just nine years old, Jackson was already a self-taught musician booking his own gigs; even if those gigs were Sunday morning services at his home church in DeRidder, Louisiana. By high school, he was making beats and selling his own CD’s, proving his business acumen just as much as his musical talent.

Both of which would eventually earn him a band scholarship to University of Louisiana, and an internship that would change everything. By day he was a college student, by night a struggling musician recording in his dorm room. Those late nights and early mornings finally paid off, landing him a coveted internship with Def Jam Records in Atlanta.

With no more than a dream and $175 in his pocket, the small town native boarded a bus to the big city and never looked back. Jackson is quickly making a name for himself especially including hits like his collaboration with Gucci Mane “Retawded.”  Now we’re just months away from his debut album.

Jackson makes it his mission to always include a certain level of honesty and vulnerability when it comes to his music. We got a glimpse of that in his debut EP “Unfaithful”  where he recaps some of the emotions and events that occured in his previous relationship when he first arrived to Atlanta. He mentions that we can look forward to it in his upcoming album.

If you haven’t caught a live performance from the star, don’t fret. He plans to go on tour soon and will be releasing the solidified dates and locations later this year.

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