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R&B Virtuoso Audrey Nuna Celebrates 22nd Birthday with “SPACE”

Korean-American Audrey Nuna just had a great  birthday. On April 2 she not only celebrated her birthday, but she also released her much anticipated new single and video for “SPACE”

Written By | Marc Fong

The vocalist-rapper has made a name for herself as she’s quickly becoming one the first female Korean-America R&B artists to breakthrough mainstream culture. Known for her moody and soulful, cross-genre tracks, Audrey Nuna’s unique sound is garnering critics attention. NPR, Vogue and  Hypebeast are just some of have who have taken note of the young vocalist in a time when Asian representation is desperately needed. Audrey Nuna not only acknowledges and embraces her Korean heritage explaining that “it’s my identity…But I don’t force it. I’m just being myself and don’t feel like I have to prove anything.”

And it’s this sentiment that really gives Nuna her luster. Her singles are eclectic wavering between soulful ballads to dance rap. It’s her freedom from having to prove anything that makes her music resonate. Her latest single, Space, falls more in the sultry R&B category.

The new track is her first single since 2020’s hit “damn Right” and is categorically different in almost every respect showcasing her versatility and growth. Where damn Right leans more rap/hip-hop, Space is a mellow ballad. The song is smooth and distant: an underwater cry for distance and solitude.

The companion video emphasizes the underwater dreaminess and drifts between stunning vignettes of the young singer. The video provides a wonderful homage to Nuna’s Korean heritage while also being a great companion piece to her song.

“SPACE” is available now on Spotify and other platforms via Artista Records under Sony Music Entertainment.