Royel Otis Announce New EP ‘Sofa Kings’ Due March 31st

And share brand new single video ‘I Wanna Dance With You’

Royel Otis are back with the announcement of brand new EP Sofa Kings marking the third outing from the band since getting started back in 2021. The announcement arrives alongside new single & video ‘I Wanna Dance With You’. The single follows last year’s ‘Kool Aid’, released back in October. 

The duo saw 2022 out with a bang by conquering their first ever European and UK tour, performing to crowds across Leeds, London, Manchester and Glasgow, through to Paris and Amsterdam. Royel Otis now return to share their next instalment – Sofa Kings. The project spans seven tracks of summery indie pop, incorporating the infectious melodies and quick-witted songwriting the pair have become known for. Produced by Chris Collins and Royel Otis, the EP promises to continue captivating fans with visceral stories atop blissful guitar-fuzzed haze.  

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‘I Wanna Dance With You’ is a sweet slice of indie pop, that will satisfy fans of, according to NME, MGMT and Wet Leg. The track is coloured with bright jangling guitars and striking wistful strings combining to create an overarching sense of nostalgia. The track arrives with yet another stunning new music video from the duo. Packed with youthful nostalgia, the clip follows a young boy as he nervously prepares for an upcoming dance party with his crush.

Childhood friends and now songwriting dream team Royel Otis (aka Otis Pavlovic and Royel Maddell)’s debut EP, Campus, leaned into the band’s organic, nostalgic sound, bringing a swooning psychedelic edge to proceedings for extra-added blissfulness. With the dream pop flow fully nailed, the pair wanted to get a little looser, a little edgier. That’s just what they did on the latest EP, Bar n Grill, which saw them swapping synths for guitars and making everything that much grittier, while still showcasing their knack for an exceptional pop melody and a killer catchy chorus. Listen to both EPs HERE.