Sabrina Claudio Takes Her “Based on a Feeling Tour” to Denver Colorado’s Summit Music Hall

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Written & Captured By | Lindsey Nhingsavath

On a calm and rainy evening, Miami born and raised artist, Sabrina Claudio brings her sultry sounds of Based on a Feeling Tour to the Summit Music Hall in Denver, Colorado accompanied by Black Party; and needless to say, they packed the whole theater with some great vibes that soon brought the heat back.

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Black Party opened up the show while throwing flowers to the audience and singing right into a rotary phone, as he hyped the stage up for Claudio to take the stage. She had her band set the tones with a ballad to start the night with her hit single ‘Belong to You’. She mentioned that her throat had not acclimated to the altitude and apologized to the audience, but they all agreed that she did not disappoint them with the beautiful vocals.

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Most of her interludes were very heartfelt and thankful to be in Denver having returned after three years , she made sure to show her fans love and appreciation by signing merchandise and other memorabilia to keep. Claudio wowed the audience with her sensual songs and even gave one extra encore song for the energy they gave her in return. Denver’s Summit Music Hall had quite the packed show for Sabrina Claudio, standing shoulder to shoulder for an intimate concert that will be remembered by most.

Lindsey Nhingsavath