Shania Twain blew her fans away at her concert at the Pepsi Center in Denver, Colorado

Written By | Angel Rae Bernard

Shania Twain ​a beautiful singer andan even more beautiful women. Shania Twain blew her fans away at her concertat the Pepsi Center in Denver, Colorado. She entered the stadium from the southside of the stands in an elegant silver dress and opened the show with a songfrom one of her newest albums, ‘Life’sAbout to Get Good’. Shania Twain puton a very interactive show with brightlights and stage props that made theshow very engaging and interesting. Shemoved around the stadium floating ontop of boxes hung from the ceiling, inorder to engage with all her fans. At onepoint, she flew from the ceiling in aguitar case singing one of her older, more
famous songs, ‘You’re still the one’.

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Shania Twain had multiple outfitchanges starting in a elegant silver dressand ending in red cowgirl boots and ablack cowgirl hat. The entire show herfans were on their feet singing along toand dancing to her songs.
Mrs. Twain connected with herfans by telling personal stories of thestruggles she went through and thebattles she has fought. She put on anemotional show as she sung a song inorder to honor the men and women in themilitary while a short film about the lifeof a man in the military being separatedfrom his family was playing behind her.
Overall, this engaging, and funshow left the audience in awe with thebeautiful songs, energetic backgrounddancers, and multiple stage props.Everyone left the Pepsi Center satisfiedand happy with the show that ShaniaTwain put on.

Photos By | Antonio Huddleston

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