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Silverstein at The House of Blues Chicago

Written By | Mary Welch

Photo By | Mary Welch

To kick off the night was Orlando, Florida’s Capstan. Recently they announced that they have signed to Fearless Records, and their first single on the label is called “Stars Before the Sun” which they played during their set. Capstan was a perfect fit for starting the night off the right way. 

Photo By | Mary Welch

Next up was As Cities Burn. In December 2017, the Louisiana band reunited for a second time and decided to write new music. They released their first single in three years titled “2020 AD,” and also announced this past November that they are now signed to Equal Vision Records. We were a very lucky crowd to feel the energy they brought after their disbandment and can’t wait for more new music!

Photo By | Mary Welch

Hawthorne Heights rocked our world with their lively presence, and that’s when the audience most noticeably started having the best time and singing along. They had not put out an album since 2013, so ‘Bad Frequencies’ released in April 2018 through Pure Noise Records was the nudge fans needed to let their love for Hawthorne Heights be revived. 

Photo By | Mary Welch

All night we patiently waited for Silverstein to perform their two sets, the whole album of ‘When Broken Is Easily Fixed’ plus their other hits. Silverstein’s most recent release in an acoustic EP ‘The Afterglow / Aquamarines’ and is comprised of stripped down versions of two tracks from their most recent full length record ‘Dead Reflection,’ which was released earlier in the year. ‘Dead Reflection’ is the culmination of the band’s growth over 18 years the band has existed, and celebrating the 15th anniversary of their debut record ‘When Broken Is Easily Fixed’ is something you absolutely cannot miss out on. They have tour dates all over the states until January 31st, 2019.

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