Snowfall Season 2 Premiere: A drug dealer is born

In the season one finale of Snowfall, it was Ray Ray who slit his childhood best friend’s throat, but it was Franklin who had blood on his hands.

Though the kill was not by his knife it was by his order; an ultimatum that he gave Ray Ray to prove his loyalty.

Well Ray Ray passed the test and Lenny died, but so did a piece of Franklin. The wide-eyed, innocent token black boy who pushed dime bags in white prep schools was gone. In his place, stood a calculating man-child who orchestrated coldblooded murders.

Thus, a drug dealer is born.

That moment signified a turning point, which the season two premiere picked up on with momentum.

It’s four months later and Franklin is South Central’s Santa Claus, handing out free ice cream cones to kids and crack like candy. Business is booming, so much so that he is plotting to buy Claudia’s club, a woman he once feared. But while his money and business expand, so do his problems. He narrowly escapes a drug bust at Avi’s, Leon gets arrested, and two armed robbers break into his house.

While Franklin grapples with his business’ growing pains, Lucia is venturing into new territory of her own. As the newly minted jefe she is hungry to break new ground for the Mexican cartel, approaching a rival to suggest uniting under a common cause and product: crack.

Meanwhile, Teddy is still out of a pilot, but thanks to President Reagan, now his operation is out of funding too. He recruits his Vietnam vet brother to be his pilot, but he still needs more money, which means selling more cocaine. Which means recruiting another distributor.

Which means that when he T-bones Franklin’s car, it isn’t by coincidence.

The episode ends with Franklin bloody and unconscious as Teddy drags him away, leaving us at the scene of the crime to ponder what’s next.

If that cliffhanger is any indication, it’s something definitely worth tuning in for next week.


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