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New York City-based electro-pop duo Sofi Tukker (consists of Sophie Hawley-Weld & Tucker Halpern) have been currently doing shows for their Treehouse World tour, and have stopped by Toronto, midway during their tour to perform at the Danforth Music Hall for a sold-out show. When I arrived at the venue, there was a building lineup of some people, waiting in the fall weather to see the duo perform some amazing tracks and dance the night away. While I may not have heard of them, at first, I was destined to see an interesting night full of dancing, positive energy all around, and high-tempo beats.


Once I got into the venue, the merch provided for all acts, including New York-based disco pop trio Crush Club and Oregon-based disco-pop house producer/DJ LP Giobbi, was very interesting. Some resembled woman empowerment and brought a variety of colours and symbolism of intersectionality for all cultures, including the Afro-inspired dress shirt that was worn by LP tonight and in other shows. The stage set-up was quite astonishing, with the signature large Sofi Tukker T-shaped drum board at the centre of the stage. It was embroidered with lost of leaves and animal logos surfacing around, including the instruments. The colour palette of the lighting and stage seemed to be more mellow and relaxed.


Once the show started, LP Giobbi came up to perform a variety of mixes from her work and was spotted with the Afro-inspired dress shirt, that was seen the merch table. During her set, she had music that sampled a variety of songs that ranged from disco pop to 80s pop type samples to bounce music productions. She seemed to have more of a nonchalant yet relaxing vibe, with her facial expressions, her interactions with the crowd, and with her positive vibe. The mixes provided more of a French house vibe, which got people to dance more and tapping their feet to sync in with the rhythm. Overall, her set was pretty interesting to listen to and it was engaging for me to feel those disco-pop type vibes.


During the end of her set, a guitarist with a white fedora and blue jumpsuit popped by her set played the guitar, which leads to her introducing the crowd to Crush Club. The disco-pop trio consists of main lead TC, the guitarist with the blue jumpsuit, named Le Chef, and secondary lead female singer Nicki B. Throughout their set, their music has sort of an 80s pop-type to Spanish tango within various parts of their songs. TC seems very vibrant with his interactions with the crowd and is comfortable dancing and engaging with his band members. Midway through their set, the songs switch from high-tempo to slow-tempo songs, which lead to TC singing more higher notes and Nicki B providing her clever vocals from song to song. The crowd got bigger, which lead to more dancing and more fun. During the final song of their set, they embraced their lighting with thin, straight light stand that omitted the colour of the rainbow, the main symbol for the LGBTQ community and made the crowd of all background feel more positive in their safe space, throughout the entire event.

Once they finished, LP came back for a second set and wore a black Femme House merch t-shirt with a gold chain, which was also seen at the merch table as well. She remixed a variety of songs, including Eric Prydz’s Pjanoo, that she re-sampled with remixed piano keys and more synth claps, which was something I truly enjoyed. She provided the same energy as before, as the crowd became bigger and with more enjoyment of her set. As well, she talks to the crowd that they are not just watching by participating in this experience, and gave some motivational advice to the crowd that they are special and are somebody in this world. As well, her and Nicki B, of Crush Club, did some synchronized dances and tells the crowd who’s ready for Sofi Tukker.


Once LP left, the crowd got very excited for Sofi Tukker and they finally came out and showed love to their Toronto crowd by playing their Portuguese-spoken hit, Energia, as their opening track. Sofi got onto the mic, as Tucker played the synth piano, and graced the crowd her heart-warming vocals. She then went on to play Matadora, by grabbing the drumsticks close to her, as Tukker went to the drum board and hit a couple of taps. She sang and managed to go to the crowd various times, to greet with fans and showed love to the fans. She then came back and hit the board a couple of times, with enjoyment.


She then went on to play Deja Vu Affair, with the guitar that she had and played some strings as Tukker went back to the piano. Lots of fans seemed heart warmed by the reception of her performance and lots of smiles were shown during that song. She played other songs, like Awoo, which she got a fan to come on stage, and dance with them in synchronized form, and played another classic song, F*ck They, to bring that up-tempo energy back. Overall, the performance from all acts really excited me for a great bit and it brought something that I never really notice when I go to other shows, and it was maintaining positive and respectful energy in a long duration of time, in which it was noticeable for this. They also brought awareness for woman empowerment and the LGBTQ through their merch and their music. It is something that I highly recommend everyone to check out and enjoy as well.

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