Sofi Tukker in Atlanta at Terminal West

Written By | Hannah Pena

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Sophie Hawley-Weld, known as Sofi Tukker, returned to her second home on Monday. She lived in Atlanta for 10 years and you could feel the warmth and welcome of the crowd throughout her whole set. The crowd wanted this show to be unforgettable so before the show, fans passed out glow sticks and put on some glow in the dark face paint. Before Sofi Tukker came Haiku Hands and DJ LP Giobbi got the crowd going!

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I didn’t know who Haiku Hands were before seeing their set but they put on a great show! The all Australian girl group got the crowd jumping and moving to their EDM/pop music, with the help of LP Giobbi. It was also one of the artists birthday and the crowd cheered her on! If you are a fan of EDM/pop music and confident girl groups Haiku Hands is the group for you!

After Hauki Hands left LP Giobbi was still going and the crowd was still with her! The crowd was swaying to her electronic music. LP Giobbi’s set was over and the stage was being set for Sofi Tukker. The lights went down low and the “Drinkiee” intro started. The lights were a mix of purple and green, going with their jungle theme, and they had an LED sound system, with jungle animals, which they used with their neon tapped drumsticks.


See More Photos of Sofi Tukker Here

he duo started off strong with “F*ck They” and they didn’t stop there. The second song, “Mi Rumba”, showed Sofi’s portrugue skills and the crowd sang along to every word! Sofi was feeling the energy of the crowd and in the second song she went into the crowd and they lifted her up! That strong and energetic energy continued on for the rest of the night. Sofi Tukker put on an amazing show and the crowd gave it all they got.

Photo Credit | Hannah Pena

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