“Something Rotten” is Taking Over Atlanta!

Written By | Hunter Gilmore

Broadway’s Something Rotten! has officially made it’s way to Atlanta! It is playing at the Fabulous Fox Theatre. The play is set in the 1590’s and is about brothers Nick and Nigel Bottom who are desperate to write a hit play. Along the way they run into a local soothsayer who tells them that the next big thing in theatre are musicals. You know…singing, acting, and dancing all at the same time. They struggle to make this a reality and are constantly overshadowed by the Renaissance Rockstar, Shakespeare.

The play is very enjoyable. I wouldn’t suggest it for kids but for adults it would make the perfect night out with loved ones and/or friends.  This is definitely reflected in the audience dynamics. The set design is intricate and in my mind well appreciated. This is because it really helps with the movement of the storyline.  It’s safe to say that the costumes really take me back to the Renaissance era, kind of makes one feel as if they are  actually in the 1590’s.  I’ve seen many broadway plays before and the costumes in this play are some of the best. They were extravagant and some were even comedic as well. The funny antics and jokes that unfold in the play are well received by the audience. My favorite part of the play are the tap dancing numbers. There’s a few of them in the production and I enjoyed the next one even more than the last.

The timing of the play is just right. It goes for about 2 hours and 20 minutes with 1 intermission. I would definitely suggest going to see this hilarious play if you haven’t already. Something Rotten! has remaining show dates from April 18-21 so it isn’t too late. You can go to for more information and tickets!

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