Sports Bring Their “Get a Good Look World Tour” to Atlanta’s Terminal West With Openers Little Bird and Okey Dokey

Written By | Andre Buchanan

Once again Terminal West hosted an amazing night of good music. Leaving Charleston full of good tunes, it was time for the band known as Sports, to leave a mark in Atlanta. Along with them comes Little Bird and Okey Dokey, two bands that you can really groove to.

Without further wait, Little Bird came to the stage. Coming from Charleston SC, this indie band brings a psychedelic sound to your ears. Although this was my first time hearing of Little Bird, their sound was as smooth as could be. In 2021 they released their first album called Proxima in which they split into three EPs named Gamma, Beta and Alpha. Do me a favor, get in your car, go for a long trip, and play their album the whole way and I guarantee you will have a good time.

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Once Little Bird ended their set, the crowd was definitely in a good mood. Perfect timing for Okey Dokey to have some fun on the stage. If I could describe Okey Dokey’s music, I would say a mix between a hint of indie rock mixed with some pop and add a bit of groove in there. If I could describe their performance then all I could say is unexpecting. Besides their exploding stage performance, Aaron Ishim, the lead vocalist, surprised fans by extending the mic stand to the maximum height and allowed the crowd to hold horizontally for him to sing into it. Not only that, at one point Aaron jumped into the crowd to give everyone a hug individually while mid song. Okey Dokey is full of personality which is just one of the things that makes them such a great band.

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Ending the night, Sports came to the stage. Straight out of Oklahoma, Sports brings the dream-pop/psychedelic vibe to your soul. The trio hit the stage playing songs from their previous album Everyone’s Invite, but I was especially excited to hear my favorite song by them ‘Whatever You Want’ off one of their older albums People Can’t Stop Chillin.

They also played an unreleased song from their new album coming out soon. When their show was all said and done, fans begged for one more and Sports blessed the stage with an encore. Sports is absolutely amazing and I look forward to hearing more from them, Okey Doey and Little Bird.

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Photos By | Andre Buchanan