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Strange Breed is a 4 piece, all queer, all-female alternative rock band based out of Vancouver. The quartet will be hosting the live premiere of their new music video “25” on YouTube along with a premiere party event including a live band Q&A on their Facebook page on April 10th at 11PM EDT // 8PM PDT. Fans can find all details and RSVP to the event – HERE!  “25” is the newest single off of the band’s 2019 album Permanence. The album can be streamed – HERE!

The music video follows the narrative of a young girl, in her early teens. She is clearly struggling with mental illness & self-harm, which only amplifies throughout the video as she is “haunted” by a physical representation of her illness, which is embodied by an older more mature version of herself. It is an extremely heavy topic and an unsettling result, but whichever way the viewer perceives it we encourage them to start a dialogue (with the band!) surrounding the meaning behind it and how it feels for them. The band encourages viewers to watch the video only when they are feeling stable, and/or have a close network they can engage with and feel supported by immediately after if need be.

Nicolle Dupas, singer and songwriter for Strange Breed speaks about personal experiences with mental illness and inspiration behind the music video for “25”, “We actually filmed the narrative portion of the video in my family’s home, where I have in the past experienced a multitude of episodes. So for me, the process was extremely intimate and confronting, but also very cathartic. I always felt like my depression was a physical being invading my space, and I was finally seeing a visual representation of the past decade of my life right in front of me.”

Dupas continues, “As much as this is extra personal for me, the others in the band all openly deal with mental illness on different levels as well and were instantly able to relate to the content – so this all hits home for them in a very similar way. We hope that through releasing this video, it will allow others to see their stories reflected in ours, and know that they are not alone. They can always talk to us, and I hope they see that there is a fight within us all, and that we can all come out on the other side. That doesn’t mean we won’t always struggle to some degree, but we can find at least some comfort & healing in sharing our stories and giving our demons a name.”

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On April 07th Nicolle (singer) will be taking over SQUAR ONE MAGAZINE’s Instagram page. The Instagram Takeover will include a look into “a day in the life” (quarantine edition), an acoustic performance and live Q&A for fans and viewers. Go HERE to follow on Square One Magazine’s Instagram page.